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In time, Cruise Ship Schedule COM will become your ultimate source of most accurate information regarding cruise destinations, lines, ships and ports as cruise calendars (dates, port times) and cruise ship itinerary information.

Cruise Ship Schedule

“Cruise Schedule” is synonymous to “Cruise Calendar” and “Cruise (sailing) Dates” and it simply means all dates on which a particular passenger ship sails. As details, a cruise schedule offers a departure date and time, all call ports dates and times (where and when your ship will be on its current itinerary) and the last one is the disembarkation date and time of arrival in the last port on its route.

Most ships dock and stay in one port for 1 or 2 days (rarely 3, the majority are 1 day port stays), and depending on region, line and itinerary – they visit (call on) 1 to 3-4 different ports, simply because visiting many ports means more port charges and Gov fees, and longer itineraries. Which also means not cheap cruises and fewer passengers – not so many travelers are fortunate to have the time and money to do longer voyages.

However, on special (longer) cruises the total number of ports of call may sour up to 40, and even more – think of World Cruise deals on Around The World voyages. In the category of “longer than usual” itineraries are also most of the ships’ relocation cruises (always with an one-way itinerary), round-trip Transatlantic cruises (most of which are from UK, and some from Florida), all Panama Canal crossing cruises, Round The World cruise segments, round-trips to Pacific Islands (and Hawaii) leaving from Florida ports, and the optional Back To Back (consecutive) cruises combining two voyages (on the same or different ships).

cruise-ship-scheduleAt our website you will have access to segmented information from a regularly updated database for sailing dates, itineraries and the opportunity to compare cruise tickets prices on sea/ocean going passenger ships and also on all top-best river cruise ships in the world sailing on big rivers in Europe, Asia and USA.

By “cruise ship price comparison” we mean lowest rates (as cruise fares) for the lowest category cabins (basic types) on a particular ship. These main types of categories of staterooms are Inside/Interior, Outside/OceanVew, Balcony (with private balconies) and Suites, although some ships do miss some of those. For example, river cruise boats do not have Inside rooms, some vessels don’t have cabins with balconies, most top luxury cruise ships (with all-inclusive deals) have only Suites (all-suite ships). Keep in mind, that the prices shown may be subject to fluctuations – they could be different at the time of booking influenced by factors, such as different travel agency rates, group booking rates, various types of discounts (resident, military, loyalty program, member discounts, etc).

In each “ship schedule survey”, along with all cruise dates and prices by cabin category you’ll see also the ship’s basic statistics – former names (if any), weight, length and width, capacity, class (sister-ships), number of cabins by type, max occupancy per room, a link to the ship’s current location (its AIS position on the map on the tracker), along with concise info on feature amenities and services on board. For additional info you can visit the ship’s official website (also given as link). We also give you the ship’s Wiki page as a gesture to the free encyclopedia – one absolutely mind-boggling unique project of all the rich by heart (and mind) people of our not-so-happy-now-but-will-be-more-some-day world.

Factors and circumstances that can lead to a change of cruise schedule (and often of itinerary):

  • departure/arrival times can be affected by weather
  • in some ports cruise times can be changed due air pressure or tidal times
  • cruise schedule changes due mechanical problems or an incident/accident
  • itinerary change by the line/operator, based on safety or security reasons, strikes or civil unrest, port closings, local Government agencies’ travel warnings or advisories, or for any other reason whatsoever (it’s part of their policy about changing port calls, arrival/departure times, etc). Generally, If a call port is skipped from your scheduled itinerary, the Government fees & taxes for that port will be refunded to the guest’s shipboard credit.

We started the introduction to our site with “in time”. This is a relatively new project – and a work in progress. Each day new lines and ships will be added, and sometimes soon – destinations (cruise travel regions) and ports (of departure and ports of call). We also got some special and “most curious” analyses to surprise you in the near future, so remember to visit us again soon! For now – be very welcome to enjoy our web place and feast your eyes with all these dates and low-high money numbers!

Cruise Tracker

Cruise Tracker - Cruise Ship Schedule COMIn the following “cruise tracker” table you will find a list of all cruise ships available for tracking at

You are about to enjoy a most convenient (and pretty unique) cruise ship tracker! This is the perfect opportunity to compare itineraries, dates and prices in combination with current position ship tracker.

More and more cruise ships tracking options are being added here on a daily basis – so don’t forget to add this useful page in your Favorites/Bookmarks!

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CruiseShipSchedule.Com will help you a lot to plan better your always excitingly new ship vacations by knowing the exact dates and port times for booking shore excursions and city tours. And, you guys, don’t forget to give some joy back – rate us via the G+ and Facebook “I-like-it-so-very-much” buttons, while via the rest of our social sharing buttons you can socially share our absolutely free of charge information with all your top best super friends, associates, and even co-workers and relatives (well, why the heck not?!) From us – always happy and safe sailings for a ton of most precious memories! Enjoy your life!

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